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 In accordance with Thai Government's Notifications which consists of;

  • Department of Civil Aviation Committee Gazette Version No. 87 dated on 14th December A.D.2012, subjected of Facilitation for Checking and Advanced Passengers Screening.

  • Customs Notification No.43/2561 dated on 31st January A.D.2018, subjected of Passenger Name Record for Pre-Screening of Air Passengers.

  • Order of Thai Immigration Bureau No.121/2565 dated on 14th June A.D.2022, subjected of facilitation for inspection and permission to enter the Kingdom of Thailand.

The required APP and PNR data are transmitted by the air carriers to the Thai Government system.

The Government requires the owners and/or air operators, including aircraft operated by scheduled and unscheduled airlines, air charters and general aviation operators, arriving, leaving or transiting through the Kingdom of Thailand to provide Advanced Passenger Processing (APP) and Passenger Name Records (PNR) to the Thai Government.

The information to be provided shall be in respect of every passenger and crew on board flights arriving, leaving, or transiting the Kingdom of Thailand.

The effective dates of APPS was on 1st December A.D.2015 and PNR was on 31st January A.D.2018.

Besides, Airline must inform passengers that their APP and PNR data are transferred to the Thai Government system which is under the purview of Thai Government.

The Thai Government system requires Airlines to send the APP and PNR Data in the Department of Civil Aviation, Thai Customs regulation to be provided in real-time when the person is being checked-in for APP and on actual time of departure and at specified times before scheduled departure of each flight for PNR as shown below:
PNR: T-72 hours before STD (Scheduled Time of Departure), T-24 hours before STD, T-6 hours before STD and at ATD (Actual Time of Departure) or Flight Close. The PNR system supports Only Push data acquisition methods.



In order to perform the certification of Thailand APPS and PNR transmissions, all Air Carriers are required to follow the steps below:


Step 1


 – Air Carriers contact to Service Provider who is on behalf of the government to request for the APPS and PNR certification.
– Service Provider provides the APPS and PNR Implementation Guide to the Air Carrier.

Step 2


 – Agreement on the method of data transmission.
– Agreement on the data format of the required data elements.
– Establishment of the form of communications and network connections between Air Carriers and the Service Provider.

Step 3


– Testing the connection.
– Providing and transmitting the Test data samples in accordance with the requirements of the government via the data transmission in Step 2.
– Discussing and agree on the data requirements, their availability and quality.

Step 4


 – Agreement on the baseline of Data requirements to be provided to the government.
– A sign-off for Production connectivity between the government and the Air Carrier systems.



The Thai Government requires the information provided via this Portal in order to assess passengers and crew for the risk they may present in relation to a range of regulation. The information provided via this site may be disclosed to Government Authorities as part of this assessment. All Parties are committed to maintain the data privacy of the traveler information and use the data only for purposes authorized by the government.

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